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Leatt Brace Moto-R

$724.95 $694.95

Product Information

Moto-R Leatt Brace

  • The Leatt-Brace(R) does not restrict the driver's mobility to the degree that helmet tether devices do. This seems to be more of a concern amongst drivers than what we initially thought and we receive many compliments on the comfort and driver friendliness of the Leatt-Brace(R).
  • The Leatt-Brace(R) does not require any equipment modification and is compatible with most helmet, safety harness and seat combinations.
  • The Leatt-Brace(R) does not rely on the safety harness only to be effective.
  • Our product keeps the safety harness away from the soft tissue neck structures and at the same time allows the belts to fit more comfortably. The brace is also compatible with open faced helmets and therefore used in Off Road and Rally categories. 

Product Code: LeattBraceMoto-R


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