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Leatt Moto GPX Club Neck Brace

$425.95 $394.95

Product Information

Leatt Moto GPX Club Neck Brace

The Leatt-Brace™Club is an injection-produced glass reinforced nylon or carbon fiber and Kevlar neck brace system designed by medical professionals and motorcycle enthusiasts to help prevent:

  • Hyperflexion: extreme forward head movement. 
  • Hyperextension: extreme rearward head movement.
  • Lateral hyperflexion: extreme sideways head movement.
  • Axial loading: compression of the spinal column due to the effect of force on the helmet.
  • Posterior hypertranslation: rearward movement of the head/helmet on the neck.
  • Club
  • Materials – Glass Reinforced Nylon Upper and Lower
  • Weight: Medium – 850grams

Small and Medium sized models of the MOTO GPX are available.
The Small brace is designed for riders under 5' 10" and 140 lbs.
The Medium/Large brace is for riders over 5' 10" and 140 lbs.
Small: 4 - 16 years old (thin build)
Medium: 16 years + (average to bigger build) 

Product Code: Leatt-Club


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